The HML 8000 is a glue tape laminator with ATR check and designed for hot melt tape lamination on micro module films. It punches the hot melt tape, synchronizes it with the micromodule tape and binds both together.
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Functional Synopsis:

  1. At the equipment input, the micro module film is unwound along with its spacer tape. The spacer tape is re-wound on a reel.
  2. Glue tape is punched to provide a reserve for the resin encapsulation.
  3. The punching tool is an interchangeable unit which is specific to each type of micro module.
  4. After punching, the glue tape is positioned back side of the film to perform the lamination.
  5. During lamination, temperature and pressure are controlled and programmable.
  6. After lamination, the micro module is tested and punched if rejected.
  7. Micromodule film is then re-wound on a reel at the machine output in the stand alone mode