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One of the most important things to maintain in our company or organization is the high security that will prevent the loss of any valuable assets and any security related issues. We, RFID Saudi ®, provide our customers different types of security systems to maintain not only the reliability and safety of your assets but also the organization itself.

  • Access Control Systems

      We are ensuring that our customers are having a restricted access to a place or any other resource that contains value assets or documents that are needed to maintain the security. By providing our Access Control Systems, your organization will no longer worry about security related issues. Also, it will help the Administrator or Human Resource Management of your organization to keep track the time in and out of your employees.

  • Alarm Systems

      Using Alarm Systems in your organization will avoid any property damage and casualties whenever disasters will occur. Also it will help us to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into your building or area. We, RFID Saudi ®, will provide you not only the alarm devices but also the designs and plans on where to properly put the devices. It will be a big help for you to maximize the use that said devices.

  • Surveillance Systems

      Monitoring your valuable assets and ensuring the security of your facility are needed in an organization. To implement this, we need the help of others to make it possible. Here in RFID Saudi ®, we offer different types of surveillance systems that will monitor and observe the activities in your area. Also, to check the behavior of something or someone that will allow the administrator or management to get the most consistent and efficient information you need when there is something accidentally happen in your building.