C800 Series

HID Global's Crescendo® Smart Card is a series of highly secure, off-the-shelf smart cards (credit card-based solutions) designed to provide versatile, high security solutions for converged access (logical and physical access control). The Crescendo card platform leverages the state-of-theart smart card platforms technology to deliver a standard based solution for strong authentication and physical access. HID Global's Crescendo smart card addresses the evolving market needs by offering
superior performance, interoperability, and security. The Crescendo smart card leverages industry-accepted standards for card provisioning and usage.
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  • Standards-based solution: Implementation according to Java Card and GlobalPlatform specifications
  • Leverages NIST CIV (Commercial Identity Verification) for interoperability with existing PIV applications
  • Contact-only or hybrid card configuration for ISO/IEC 7816 protocol support as well as Proximity (125 Khz) and/or ISO14443/15693 (respectively MIFARE®/ HID iCLASS®). Cards available with the following contactless technologies: HID Global iCLASS, HID Global Proximity, MIFARE CLASSIC as well as MIFARE DESFire EV1 for increased security
  • Large available memory for credentials storage: PKI Digital Certificates, Single Sign On (SSO), passwords for Boot Disk Encryption
  • High performance smart card due to higher communication speeds and faster processing times within card chip
  • Low power consumption chip (appropriate for smart card portable devices)
  • High Security chip (accredited to Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified Smart Card chip). This JavaCard OS integrates security countermeasure mechanisms (protection against attacks) in line with NIST FIPS140-2 L3 requirements.