ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens

USB tokens provide strong security in an easy-to-use, portable form factor that has the same two-factor authentication, digital signature and encryption capabilities as a smart card.
HID Global’s ActivKey® SIM USB Token combines the security of a smart card with a built-in USB reader. The field-serviceable subscriber identity module (SIM) provides organizations a path for future upgrades, without requiring them to purchase additional readers.
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ActivID ActivKey SIM and ActivKey Display USB Tokens work with ActivID Card Management System (CMS), ActivID CMS Appliance and ActivClient for a complete two-factor authentication solution to secure IT assets.

Communication interface:

  • USB 2.0 at 12Mbds – bus powered
  • High performance smartcard interface (up to 420KBds when supported by card)

Token Specifications (ActivKey SIM):

  • Dimensions: 71.3mm x 20mm x 8.8mm
  • Weight: 12 grams

Token Specifications (ActivKey Display):

  • Dimensions: 82mm x 23.5mm x 11.7mm
  • Weight: 25 grams
  • Display: 8 Segments per characters – 1 line of 8 characters
  • Expected lifetime for the OTP token is 8-year.

Supported platforms:

  • Microsoft® WHQL certified – Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Linux and Mac OS drivers