500x iCLASS Seos

HID Global’s iCLASS® Seos™ smart cards are based on a secure, open technology to manage and authenticate identities. The cards primarily address the need for securing identities for the physical access control solution (PACS) market but are also provisioned to support other applications, including One-Time Password authentication (OTP) for login into networks and other IT resources.
Sales price without tax $1.00
  • Strong authentication – First enterprise-ready converged card for securing physical access as well as access to IT resources.
  • Increased interoperability – Open, standards-based solution supports future technologies and can store data for multiple applications.
  • Technology-independent security – Multi-layered security supports the portable Secure Identity Object (SIOs®) data model.
  • Heightened privacy protection – No traceable identifiers exchanged during card sessions, preventing data associated to a card from being divulged or cloned.